FMB Art Association

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Gallery phone:(239) 463-3909

Mailing Address

Fort Myers Beach Art Association
PO Box 2359
Fort Myers Beach, FL 33932

GPS address

3030 Shell Mound Blvd
Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931

FMBAA Organization

Officers and Board of Directors

President Julie Nusbaum 262-442-0338
Vice President Tom Flaherty 540-632-1301
Recording Secretary Janine Lakatos 616-334-8579
Corresponding Secretary Kathryn Miller 239-985-0038
Summer Treasurer Joanne Shamp 330-697-2787
Past President Floyd Lawrence 207-754-0963
Elected Directors Helma Gansen 239-288-7403
Donna Bergeron 630-244-0005
Ann Dunlap 239-980-9094
Lynne Wesolowski 914-450-0402
Tom Flaherty 540-632-1301
Janine Lakatos 616-334-8579
Jeanne Raimondi 524-595-8685
JoAnn LaPadula 607-592-1597
Pam Flaherty 540-632-1301
Louise Davis 419-733-3666
Elaine Moses 720-333-0613

Committees & Committee Chairpersons

Roles Responsible Contact Info
Audit Committee Floyd Lawrence 207-754-0963
Online Brush Off Editor Lynne Wesolowski 914-450-0402
Building Maintenance Ralph Miller
Tom Flaherty
Building Use Floyd Lawrence 239-985-0963
Display Bins Connie Donfrancisco 239-267-7660
Classes / Short Workshops
Exhibition Coordinator JoAnn LaPadula 607-592-1597
Judging Dannica Walker 239-314-4178
Studio 2 Lynne Wesolowski 239-433-9329
Hanging Helma Gansen 239-288-7403
Art Divine Bea Pappas 239-395-2057
Gallery Talk Helma Gansen 239-288-7403
Sponsors Helma Gansen 239-288-7403
Programs Phyllis Abedi 401-782-8048
Endowment Meg Bushnell 239-463-6220
Famous Artists Workshops Michele Buelow
Gallery Sitter Coordinators
Oct Kathy Taylor 239-454-4547
Nov Ann Dunlap 239-980-9094
Dec Nancy Randall 239-765-6381
Jan Elaine Moses 720-333-0613
Feb Kathryn Miller 239-985-0038
Mar Donna Bergeron 630-244-0005
April Sylvia Kasparie 239-980-3591
Grants Michele Buelow 239-689-1221
Grounds/Parking Floyd Lawrence
Dave Dunlap
Historian Donna Bergeron 630-244-0005
Hospitality / Potluck Sue Dunlap
Louise Davis
Librarian Ann Dunlap 239-980-9094
Membership George Buelow 239-689-1221
Painting Groups
Indoor Painters JoAnn LaPadula 607-592-1597
Outdoor Painters Milly Periera 508-494-0582
Portrait/Figure Kathy Summer 217-971-4343
Experimentalists Michele Buelow 239-689-1221
Publicity Pam Flaherty
Paint the Beach Marie Crist
Purchasing /Supplies George Buelow 239-689-1221
Scholarship Show Beverly Silvia 401-573-6980
Website Tom Flaherty
Yearbook Kathy Taylor 239-454-4547

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Why do we do it?

  • To further and provide education in the cultural aspects of life on Ft. Myers Beach and its environs
  • To promote the study, practice and appreciation of art
  • To hold art exhibitions and programs which are open to the public
  • To encourage art instruction of children and junior artists.

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  • Gallery Phone:
    (239) 463-3909

  • Mailing Address:
    Fort Myers Beach Art Association
    PO Box 2359
    Fort Myers Beach, FL 33932

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