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Gallery phone:(239) 463-3909

Mailing Address

Fort Myers Beach Art Association
PO Box 2359
Fort Myers Beach, FL 33932

FMBAA Organization

Board of Directors

President Julie Nusbaum 262 442-0338
1st Vice President Open
Recording Secretary Dorothy McDowell 309-532-4461
Corresponding Secretary Kathryn Miller 239-985-0038
Treasurer George Buelow 239-689-1221
Summer Treasurer Joanne Shamp 330-697-2787
Past President Floyd Lawrence 207-754-0963
Directors Helma Gansen 239-288-7403
Ann Dunlap 239-980-9094
Judi Miller 239-931-4828
Lynne Wesolowski 914-450-0402
Donna Bergeron 630-244-0005
Mary Chaikowsky 239-314-4178
Tom Flaherty 540-632-1301
Janine Lakatos 616 334-8579
Jeanne Raimondi 524-0595 8685

Committees & Committee Chairpersons

Roles Responsible Contact Info
Audit Committee Floyd Lawrence 207-754-0963
Online Brush Off Editor Lynne Wesolowski 914-450-0402
Building Maintenance Ralph Miller 239-931-4828
Tom Flaherty 540-632-1301
Building Use Floyd Lawrence 239-985-0963
Display Bins Connie Donfrancisco 239-267-7660
Classes / Short Workshops Open
Exhibition Coordinator Open
        Judging Mary Chaikowsky 239-314-4178
        Receiving Dorothy McDowell 309-532-4461
        Studio 2 Lynne Wesolowski 239-433-9329
        Hanging Helma Gansen 239-288-7403
        Art Divine Bea Pappas 239-395-2057
        Gallery Talk Helma Gansen 239-288-7403
        Sponsors Helma Gansen 239-288-7403
Endowment Meg Bushnell 239-463-6220
Famous Artists Workshops Michele Buelow
Gallery Sitter Coordinators
        Oct Kathryn Miller 239-985-0038
        Nov Ann Dunlap 239-980-9094
        Dec Nancy Randall 239-765-6381
        Jan Kathy Taylor 239-454-4547
        Feb Connie Donfrancisco 239-267-7660
        Mar Donna Bergeron 630-244-0005
        April Sylvia Kasparie 239-980-3591
Grounds/Parking Floyd Lawrence 207-754-0963
Dave Dunlap 239-463-4753
Historian Donna Bergeron 630-244-0005
Hospitality / Potluck Sue Dunlap 239-463-4753
Louise Davis
Librarian Ann Dunlap 239-980-9094
Membership George Buelow 239-689-1221
Painting Groups
        Indoor Painters Gretchen Johnson 239-463-1214
        Outdoor Painters Milly Periera 508-494-0582
        Portrait/Figure Kathy Summer 217-971-4343
        Experimentalists Michele Buelow 239-689-1221
Publicity Pam Flaherty
Paint the Beach Marie Crist
Purchasing /Supplies Gretchen Johnson 239-463-1214
Scholarship Show Beverly Silvia 401-573-6980
Website Tom Flaherty

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Why do we do it?

  • To further and provide education in the cultural aspects of life on Ft. Myers Beach and its environs
  • To promote the study, practice and appreciation of art
  • To hold art exhibitions and programs which are open to the public
  • To encourage art instruction of children and junior artists.

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  • Gallery Phone:
    (239) 463-3909

  • Mailing Address:
    Fort Myers Beach Art Association
    PO Box 2359
    Fort Myers Beach, FL 33932

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