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Online Brushoff 2015 - 2016

Online Brushoff

April, 2016

Welcome to the new Online Brushoff. The April 2016 edition of the Brushoff by Kathy Taylor is the last to be published. Thanks to Kathy for producing such a fine newsletter. The goal of the Online Brushoff is to report upon current happenings at the association. This '1st edition' of this page is sourced almost exclusively from the April 2016 Brushoff. Going from here, additional stories will appear 'as they occur' not on any set schedule. Upcoming board director Lynne Wesolowski will assemble FMBAA news for this page. The rest of the website will stay focussed on announcements, planning and schedules for:

All comments or ideas on this new page are welcome. Just email me by clicking:
Thank-you, Tom Flaherty

Message from the President
By Floyd Lawrence April, 2016

This year seems to be just flying by. I have been trying to learn the ropes and keep up to date on what is happening. I want to say thank you to all the people that have stepped up to help me keep on track. I believe that we are having a decent year. The shows have been great. We have a lot of very talented artist among our members. A big thank you to all the people that have been volunteering to keep our association vibrant and meeting our goals. Volunteering is what gives us ownership in our art association and along with ownership comes pride. We still have a few openings for some of the committees. What interest you? I would like to see you as part of the team. It is a lot of fun.

The building and grounds are looking good. We are trying to spruce up the entrance and are going to be working on the signage. Plans are to have a sign on the building that is more visible. There are more things which are in the planning process. Not everything is easy. Rules and regulations need to be followed.

Traffic has been hectic at times. It is very hard to plan on travel time. Sometimes I have flown right thru and other times I have encountered some long delays. Delays have not been unusual even in years when there has been no road construction during peak season. That is island life. I have been to some town hall meetings and they are trying to brain storm to try and alleviate the problems as much as possible. We will have to wait and see. Workshops have been going well and the students had a lot of positive comments. Potlucks have been well attended and the food and company were excellent. Don’t forget the April potluck and annual meeting is just around the corner.

We are starting to see a few people heading north. The rest of us still have March and April to enjoy. I hope to see you around the gallery. If you do head north, have safe travels and a great summer.

2016 Winter Juried Show Results

April, 2016

The Winter Juried Show was judged by Lynn Ferris. The reception was sponsored by Fresh Catch. The Gallery Talk was given by Peter Zell and Michele Buelow was in charge of the show.

Dannica Walker’s watercolor “Old Pals” received first place at the 2016 Winter Juried Show


First Place- Dannica Walker “Old Pals”

Second Place- Cheryl Fausel “Flocking Together”

Third Place- Sue Pink “Crime Scene”

Special Award Lee Ackert Memorial FMBAA

Member Award for Exceptional Use of Color

Patty Kane “Sunset on the St. John’s River”


Michele Barron Buelow “The Spark”

Lynne Wesolowski “Flowers for my Mother”

Sylvia J. Kasparie “Faces”


Anne Kittle “Journey”

Dorothy McDowell “Bunche Beach View”

Barbara Majthnyi “Sunset”

Patty Kane’s watercolor “Sunset on the St. John’s River” was awarded the Lee Ackert Memorial FMBAA Member Award for Exceptional Use of Color.

Library Reminder
– return books & tapes

April, 2016

Check your book shelves, etc. for any books, tapes or DVD's that belong at the FMBAA library and return them before leaving for the summer. We have a small budget for the purchase of new books and DVDs for the library. Send suggestions to Ann Dunlap, FMBAA Librarian


April, 2016

2016 45th Annual Exhibition: The Exhibit will be at the
Weber Art Center, Ocala, FL
2016 Convention: Ocala Hilton, 3600 SW 36th Ave.,
Ocala, FL. The Workshop/Convention dates are
September 23-25.The convention features Ted Nuttall
(Judge and workshop instructor) September 18-22.
For more information see their website at:

Summer Open Painting
April, 2016

The gallery will be open again this summer (starting April 20) on Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 9:00 a.m. to noon or bring your lunch and stay later. Enjoy the "cool" as you sketch, paint or enjoy the exchange of ideas. Gretchen Johnson and her assistants will often set up still life’s. Work in your own medium or try new ideas. Send photos of your summer projects to the Brushoff editor.
Gretchen Johnson

Mini Masters…start painting

April, 2016

While you are enjoying the summer months, take your paints with you to the beach and create a couple of new mini paintings for FMBAA. Remember the image showing in the mat is 3x5 in or 4x6 in. Be sure to sign your name in that area so when matted it shows. We will again mat them to 8x10" for sale. Donation of mat board and bags is greatly appreciated. And if you put it all together you deserve a gold star!! This project has turned out to be a great fund raiser for the group so help us build up our supply with new paintings. Minis may be dropped off at the gallery any time throughout the year. New minis will be unveiled at the FMBAA open house next season.

Kathy Taylor

25th Annual ISEA Exhibit

July 13, 2016 - Update

Michele's painting below Wins the 2016 ISEA Founder's award! Congratulations Michele!

April 19, 2016

'The Spark' mixed media painting by Michele Barron Buelow has been accepted into the 25th Annual ISEA Exhibit (International Society of Experimental Artists). This year the exhibit is being held in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Exhibit is located at the Crayola Gallery, Banana Factory. Dates for the exhibit are May 14 to August 7, 2016. 'The Spark' is the second piece by Michele to be accepted into this prestigious group. Way to go Michele!

Gelatin Jammin in the Gallery

July, 2016

The Gallery was Jammin on July 6th. Many of our members tried new techniques using homemade gelatin plates or the commercially available Gelli plate. See what goes on during the Summer..[Slide Show] .

Volunteers keep the shows going

March 25, 2016

Some of the volunteers at Receiving for ‘Anything Goes’ at the Gallery. Pictured (l-r) are Julie Nussbaum, Lynne Wesolowski, Penny Fox, Lois Ostrov, and Jan Severson. Photographs, ‘older’ artwork, digital art, and our workshop creations are all welcome at this end-of-season exhibit. Stop by and check it out!

Spring Juried Exhibition Results

April, 2016

Best of Show Lucy B. Campbell Award went to Tracy Owen Cullimore for “The Tasting”

The Spring Juried Exhibition was sponsored by Matanzas on the Bay. The show was judged by artist Michael Kilburn and Patty Kane gave the gallery talk at the reception on February 28. Thank you to our volunteers: Joan Zeoli Exhibition Coordinator and Brochure, Penny Fox for Receiving, Helma Gansen for Hanging, Sue Pink for Judging, Sharon Hegstrom for Hospitality and many others who volunteered many hours to bring you this event.

Jurors Statement:

Today, I had the pleasure...and privilege of judging this wonderful show...and the challenge of picking the best...from a large room of excellent art work. The artists showed their talents in various mediums including, oils, watercolours and acrylics. Their understanding of these mediums showed in their handling values...especially the ‘Tropical Beauty’ piece. Compositions, too, were very strong...again, the water colour piece of the ‘White Ones’ excelled, as was the Abstract, mixed media piece ‘He is small but he is quick’ that received “Award of Merit”. Mastery of colour showed through in many of the floral paintings... especially the Shock of red in ‘Red is My Color’, which received the exceptional color award. I was also very impressed with the confidence the artists showed in the technique and application of colour... especially the impressionistic ‘The Tasting’, and the ‘Wild Horses’ piece. This Association should be very proud of the talent they have assembled, and are to be congratulated for putting on such a well-run show. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of it, and would also look forward to judging again in the future. ~
Michael Kilburn, Judge 2016 FMBAA Spring Juried Show


Best of Show, Lucy B Campbell Award
Tracy Owen Cullimore, “The Tasting”

1st Prize Kathleen C Taylor, “The White Ones”
2nd Prize Dannica Walker, "Lily Too"
3rd Prize Maggie Rapp, "Copper Teapot Blue White Vase"

Merit Awards
Susanne H Brown, "Through the Woods"
Sally Hebeisen, "He is small but he is quick"
Sylvia Kasparie, "Walker River Canyon"

Honorable Mentions
Pamela Gill Flaherty, “Valley of Horses”
Susan Macintire, ”Beautiful Nature”
Robert Mueller, ”Old Sayville Creek”

Lee Ackert Memorial FMBAA Member Award
Cheryl Fausel, “Red is My Color”

Florida Watercolor Society Award
Judi Miller, “Tropical Beauty”

Lucy B. Campbell was a resident of Fort Myers Beach. She left her estate to the Fort Myers Beach Library, a local children’s organization, and the Fort Myers Beach Art Association. That was the start of our endowment fund. The Lucy B. Campbell award is given each year at the Spring Juried Show in her memory.

Tracy Owen Cullimore's “The Tasting”

First place went to Kathy Taylor for “The White Ones”

Lee Ackert Memorial FMBAA Award went to Cheryl Fausel for “Red is my Color”

Florida Watercolor Society Award went to Judi Miller for “Tropical Beauty”

Honorable Mention for first time award winner Pamela Gill Flaherty for "Valley of Horses"

Summer Show

April, 2016

Receiving for the Summer Show will be on Friday, April 15th, 9am-noon. There is no fee to enter this show. Use the entry form and labels from the website here. This show will hang until October 12th. Penny Fox will supervise the receiving for the Summer Show.

2016 Falmouth Artists Guild Summer Juried Art Exhibition

July, 2016

Kathy Taylor wins 'Best Watercolor' in the 2016 Falmouth Artists Guild Summer Juried Art Exhibition. Congratulations Kathy!

Plein Air, Berne Davis Home

March, 2016
Milly Periera painting at the Berne Davis Home in March - Outdoor Painters.

Art at Cafe Italia

March 27, 2016
"Kathy Taylor currently has an exhibit of watercolors painted in Italy at Cafe Italia, 20351 Summerlin Road, # 117. Cafe Italia’s hours are Monday to Saturday 9 am to 8 pm. Stop by and check out these great paintings, and have something to eat, while you’re at it."

Who is Bob Burridge?

Over 20 painters had a blast at FMBAA’s “Paint like Bob Burridge Day” at the gallery. We had a “Not the Bob” giving a few pointers and techniques while decked out in paint spattered jeans just like him. Sue Pink abandoned her usual style for colorful loose designs. And did it very well!! Music, food, mardi gras masks (it was Fat Tuesday afterall), lots of handouts and the fun began. Lynne led the march to “Uptown Funk” then Paint was flying as the artists got into the loose, intuitive style favored by Bob. Next time maybe we can lure the Real Bob to FMBAA!!!

Web Editors note: I walked in near the end of this vibrant and rowdy painting party. The laughter was constant. The art was truly 'experimental' and the results impressive.

Sue Pink's 'Not Bob' demo paintings

Julie Nusbaum wows the group with this Bob Day result

Mimi Little's Bob Day Paintings

Lynne Wesolowski Bob Day duo – which side is up

Some of the action

Gallery Work Day Feb 12th

We had an excellent work day at the gallery, with 16 people showing up. Below is a list of the helpers: Bob Ackert, Richard Alwine, George Buelow, Pam and Tom Flaherty (with daughter and son-in-law), N. Gail Frazier, Helma and Henry Gansen, Floyd Lawrence, Judi and Ralph Miller, Julie Nusbaum, and Mary and Howie Knight.

…..and projects completed:
Porch window sill painted
Porch light repaired
Ramp rails painted
Sensor light repaired
Closed/open sign paint touch up underneath
Rear yard (power wash wooden table and bricks)
Trees and shrubs trimmed and some removed
Splash area at shed (arrange stones in a now permanent enclosure)
North A/C stand (brace SE leg with 4X4 under the building)
Storage room (move items to shed and arrange for neatness)
Gallery (mop and general cleaning)
and paint rear door.
George Buelow

New Members

The FMBAA membership reached 225 in early March. New members joining since the last Brush Off was published are as follows:
Meredith Hoag (George)
Eric Olson
Tammy Bergfield (Dave)
Richard Alwine (Beverly)
Jennifer Molebash
Linda Bachofner (Rick)
Chris Thompson
Marianne Baugher
Rosemary Fortin
N. Gail Frazier (John)
JoAnn Lapadula

Show Notes and Member News

Sanibel-Captiva Art League 2016 Members Judged Show at the Sanibel Library
     Mary Klunk: 3rd Place for “Red and Yellow”

SANCAP Art League, 2015 Members Judged Show:
     Carol Rosenberg: Merit Award for “Bill 8-15”

Big Arts juried exhibition: “Artist’s Best”
    Michele Barron Buelow 3rd Place for “Genesis”

Art Council of Southwest Florida 2016Biennial Show
     Mary Klunk Judge’s Award for “Our Brother’s Keeper”

Suzanne Bennett’s shrimp boat painting is featured on the cover of Sand Life magazine for March, 2015.

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  • To encourage art instruction of children and junior artists.

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