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2017 Paint the Beach - Public FAQ

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Plein Air painters produce art from life (as opposed to in the studio). En plein air is a French expression meaning “in the open air,” and refers to the act of painting outdoors with the artist’s subject in full view. Plein Air artists capture the spirit and essence of a landscape or subject by  incorporating natural light, color and movement into their works. Use of photographs is prohibited and all work must be done on location.


In public areas

Beginning on Tuesday, November 7th, be on the lookout for artists painting on Fort Myers Beach (Estero Island), San Carlos Island and Lovers Key State Park. These Locations offer picturesque settings providing opportunities for painters to capture the feel of the community in a unique and memorable way.

Or attend one of the special live painting events:

  • 4pm Wedneday, November 8th: The Sundowner 2 hour painting competition starts on the beach side of the Junkanoo and Fresh Catch Bistro restaurants. [details]

  • 9am Saturday, November 11th: The 2 hour Quick Draw competition begins in Times Square. [details]

There are two receptions during the Paint The Beach Festival

  • 7pm Wedneday, November 8th at the Fort Myers Beach Art Gallery [details]

  • 5pm Friday, November 10th at Santini Plaza [details]

Original "Paint the Beach" paintings will be available for purchase at the following venues:

  • The Sundowner Reception [details]
  • The Awards Ceremony and Reception [details]
  • The Quick Draw competition [details]
  • At the Festival Tent on Saturday 9am-6pm and Sunday 10am-2pm [map]

Paint the Beach will present over $6,000 in cash awards and prizes to the Plein Air painters. In Juried Division, the First Place winner will receive $1000 and a 1/3 page ad in Plein Air Magazine. The Second Place winner receives $750 and Third Place $500. In the Emerging Division First Place is $700, Second Place is $450, and Third Place is $200. Paint the Beach will also present other cash and prize awards. The Awards Judge for the Plein Air competition is Vlad Yeliseyev.

Starting at 4pm on Wednesday, the Sundowner is a 2 hour painting competition on the beach side of the Junkanoo and Fresh Catch Bistro restaurants as the sun sets.

The unframed paintings are judged and prizes, sponsored by Jack Richeson & Co, are awarded at an 'open to the public' reception, sponsored by Junkanoo, at the FMBAA Gallery.


The Quick Draw is a separately entered portion of the Paint the Beach competition. Up to 30 artists may enter. Also, a student competition is simultaneously held.

The artists meet at Times Square on Saturday, November 11, 2017. Beginning at 9am, each artist has 2 hours to paint their own painting from start to finish. The competition is open to all skill levels, all ages, any subject and any medium. There are awards in the adult and student divisions. Come out and join the fun!

Smokin’ Oyster Brewery sponsors the adult division of the quick draw event. Cash Prizes and Ribbons for the adult division include: First Place-$100 Second Place-$75 Third Place-$25.

The student division Quick Draw event is sponsored by Santini Marina Plaza. Cash Prizes and Ribbons for Student Division include: First Place-$75 Second Place- $50 Third Place- $25.


Competing Artists

Juried Division

Ayres, Pam FL
Belling, David FL
Buelow, Michele
Collier, Sherry UK
Eddy, Randon FL
Johnson, Keith FL
Lindsey, Susan AK
Lindsay, Tamara J UT
Mangino, Fran FL
Marshall, Ken OH
McMahon, Katherine FL
McNellis, Norma MN
Moran, Mary FL
Moriarty, Claudia FL
Nusbaum, Julie WI
Reynolds, Craig AL
Richichi , Linda FL
Risner, Gail Trent FL
Roberts, Joan FL
Sander, Manon FL
Song, Jensheng FL
Taylor, Kathleen FL
Valentine, Barbara FL
Wesolowski, Lynne NY
Wissner, Sheila MI
Woodis, Erma Jean FL

Emerging Division

Bennett, Suzanne G FL
Bergeron, Donna FL
Boocher, Barbara FL
Breckenridge, Thomas FL
Calkins, Marcy IL
Carroll, Timothy FL
Crosby, Tom FL
Dumas, Janice MI
Errickson, Sharon NY
Flaherty, Pam FL
Frezza, Carol FL
Friedl, Christa Austria
Frifeldt, Shelbie FL
Gansen, Helma
Joyce, Shawn NY
Klunk, Mary FL
Krekel, Gloria FL
LaPadula, JoAnn FL
Mason, Kelli Bowles FL
Marshall, Anita Force FL
Moses, Elaine CO
Pereira, Milly NH
Petcher, Marguerite FL
Ruck, Diane OH
Salucci, Jeanne NY
Schlitzer, Katheryn RI
Snow, Merrie Rollin IL
Staat, Rose IL
Staub, Ted FL
Swift, Lisa FL
Templeton, Christine FL
Usavage, Judy FL
Weiss, Lorraine FL
Yarbrough, Sharon FL

Quick Draw Artists

Bennett, Susanne
Breckenridge, Thomas
Buelow, Michele
Day, Charles
Dumas, Janice
Fraser, Ken FL
Held, Michelle FL
Johnson, Keith
Joyce, Shawn
LaPadula, JoAnn
Lindsay, Tamara
Mangino, Fran
Marshall, Ken
McMahon, Katherine
Moriarty, Claudia
Miller, Mariynn MD
Mulford, Barbara
Pereira, Milly
Price, Mark FL
Reynolds, Craig
Richichi , Linda
Risner, Gail Trent
Roberts , Joan
Salucci, Jeanne
Schlitzer, Katheryn
Song, Jensheng
Staub, Ted
Swift, Lisa
Wissner, Sheila
Woodis , Erma Jean

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  • To encourage art instruction of children and junior artists.

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